Social Media Monitoring

Internet Safety in the New Year

New tech devices topped many kids’ Santa lists this past holiday season.  Whether or not Santa delivered new devices to your home, it’s still a great time to review Internet safety and get your kids off to a new year of “Social Media For Good!”

Kids Can Find Violence on Social Media With Just a Click of a Button

It’s hard to turn on the news without seeing violence. Terrible tragedies on U.S. soil — mass shootings in San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, and Charleston — and terrorist attacks in Paris have made the recent news look more like an awful movie than a report on real life. The news is full of disturbing and  Continue Reading »

Table Talk: How to Stop Kids from Oversharing on Social Media

  Anneli-Marie R. was a normal 17-year-old walking her dog one evening in the countryside of Eastern Germany. When Anneli-Marie didn’t return  that night, her father went to look for her. He spotted her dog, but she was nowhere to be found. Then, her parents received a distributing call. Kidnappers, claiming to have Anneli-Marie, called  Continue Reading »

Is Instagram Safe for Kids: A Guide for Concerned Parents

On average, 70 million photos are shared on Instagram per day. With that level of sharing power and an active user base of more than 300 million, parents shouldn’t be surprised that their children and teens want in on the action. Parents should expect that sooner or later their child will want to create a  Continue Reading »

Is Tumblr Safe: What Every Parent Needs to Know

It can be hard for parents to keep up with social media trends and sites used by teens these days. One of the more popular sites for blogs, photos and other social content is Tumblr. In this post, we will tell parents what they need to know about Tumblr, a rapidly growing content-sharing site commonly  Continue Reading »

{Video} MamaBear CEO Discusses Social Media Safety for Kids on The Valley Girl Show

Did you know 8,000,000 kids go missing each year? And many child predators who commit these crimes use kids’ social media accounts to find their victims. Today’s technology can help parents protect their kids against these and other harmful situations in many ways and give families more peace of mind everyday. MamaBear CEO, Suzanne Horton,  Continue Reading »

The Hurtful Side of Social Media: Horrific Threats Via Instagram for One Teen

The students of Lone Hill Middle School are having to face the cruel, unsettling and for most, unexpected side of social media. Their classmate, an unidentified girl, received startling and horrific death threats via Instagram. While police and school officials are doing everything possible to find the person behind these anonymous threats, parents are left  Continue Reading »

Table Talk Discussion: How To Talk to Your Kids About Their Digital Reputation

Your child’s digital reputation is more important now than ever as it may affect their ability to hold a job, play on a team, and even get into college. Here are a few important talking points to review with your preteen and teen as you discuss the impact their digital reputation can have on the  Continue Reading »

Why Parents Need to Monitor Kids’ Social Media Accounts

Retired baseball player Curt Schilling may have thought twice about sending a tweet to his daughter congratulating her on her acceptance to college if he would have known where it would lead them. Schilling was so disturbed by the outcome of that tweet that he shared the experience in a blog post, “The world we  Continue Reading »

Do You Know Enough About Cyberbullying to Protect Your Children?

For far too many parents, cyberbullying is a term they have heard but don’t quite understand. Parents can relate to and understand bullying on its own. It’s something they likely experienced or saw first-hand when they were kids and teenagers. But cyberbullying, which grows and evolves every day, is something most parents have never witnessed.  Continue Reading »

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