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Parental Text Message Monitoring Isn’t Snooping, It’s About Safety

For many parents, the idea of  looking through their teen’s phone and text messages feels a little icky. Browsing through their personal messages may feel like reading their diary or invading their privacy. But, keeping an eye on your child’s text messages isn’t about snooping; it’s about safety. The Importance of Safety Over Privacy As  Continue Reading »

Wait to Update to iOS 9

We’re loving the new iOS 9 features but you may want to wait a while before you update. Since the original release of the new operating system from Apple on September 16, an update to fix “minor bugs” was released on September 23 with iOS 9.0.1.  Yet, Forbes is reporting there are still some vulnerabilities. Perhaps Apple will release  Continue Reading »

YouTube Kids App Isn’t As Safe As It Sounds

When a website or app releases a new “kid-friendly” version of their platform, it sounds like it should be good news for parents. With so much content online, managing what kids consume is often a big undertaking for parents. So an app designed exclusively for kids, with guards set up to prevent them from finding  Continue Reading »

Important Information About Facebook Monitoring

Beginning May 1, 2015, Facebook is making changes to how we and all other partner developers receive information about monitored account activity.  The majority of the Facebook notifications you receive from MamaBear about your child’s Facebook activity will remain the same, with the exception of being aware of new friend connections. This will affect any  Continue Reading »

Flu Season Is Here. Are You Prepared?

by Robyn Spoto   Catching the flu is a real pain. First there is the physical pain that comes with the fever, headache, body chills, and nausea — which is even worse when you are watching your child go through it. Then there is the financial pain that comes with paying for expensive treatment, doctor’s  Continue Reading »

Getting Started With MamaBear App

Thanks for using the MamaBear App.  We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started. Get in touch with us at with any questions. 1. ADD YOUR FAMILY. Add your children and any other guardians to your account in the settings area. Your added family members can install MamaBear from the Apple  Continue Reading »

MamaBear Releases App Version 3.0

As rapidly as technology evolves, a good app needs to develop proactively. That’s why the team at MamaBear Family Safety App is constantly working to stay on top of new trends and incorporate customer feedback in order to make improvements to the app. The fruit of our labor is evident in the  third version of  Continue Reading »

The Dangers of Messaging Apps

In a recent MamaBear Blog post, we identified some of the top messaging apps. Most parents are aware of the prominence of social messaging apps and the way they have captivated tweens. While messaging apps can be harmless in most cases, it is important for parents to not only stay in the know about which  Continue Reading »

Taking Responsibility for Kids and Sexting

As much as we don’t want to admit it, more and more kids are sexting. According to studies conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, The Pew Internet & American Life Project and the Cox Communications Teen Online & Wireless Safety Survey, 39 percent of all teens have sent sexually suggestive messages via  Continue Reading »

MamaBear Family Safety App Now Includes Twitter Monitoring

Parents with kids that use Twitter to follow celebrities and tweet to their friends (and strangers) now have a tool to help them know more about their kid’s activity on the popular social network. MamaBear Family Safety App’s new version 2.8 for iOS and 2.5 for Android  features a new update offering parents the ability  Continue Reading »

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