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Safety Ideas For Both Free Range Parents, Helicopter Parents and Those In Between

Free range parenting is back in the news as the results of a case involving Silver Spring, Maryland parents, who were charged with child neglect after allowing their children, 6 and 10, to walk home by themselves, were announced. What Is Free Range Parenting? Free range parenting is a movement and parenting philosophy in which  Continue Reading »

Time Is Running Out for Health Insurance Open Enrollment Deadline

The deadline for open enrollment for individual health care coverage is quickly approaching. If you and your family are not enrolled in an insurance program for 2015, it’s time to sign up to prevent tax penalties as mandated by ObamaCare. We take our job to protect families serious and making sure you’re covered is important  Continue Reading »

Georgia Court Says Parents Can Be Liable For Kids Facebook Posts

Parents are more responsible for their child’s social media activity than they may think. A recent story on recounts a Georgia lawsuit in which two parents were sued because of what their child did on social media. Their son was caught cyberbullying and suspended from school after he created a malicious, fake Facebook profile that depicted another student with distorted  Continue Reading »

Suddenly, Parenting is a National Debate, Again.

Parenting was yet again thrust onto the national debate stage this week.  A pair of Maryland parents are under investigation for letting their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter walk home from their nearby community park by themselves, as covered by the Washington Post.  CNN reporter Kelly Wallace asks ”have things suddenly gotten way out of hand when parents  Continue Reading »

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