Parental Control on Iphone

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Parental Control iPhone – Using iPhone’s Parental Restrictions

One of the hottest mobile devices on the market – especially with tweens and teens — is the iPhone. Kids everywhere are clamoring for it. If your child has an iPhone or you plan to give them one soon, you’ll be reassured to know the popular mobile device offers a number of parental control features  Continue Reading »

iPhone vs. Android: MamaBear Weighs in on Smartphone Shopping for Your Kids

It’s a must for the MamaBear team to stay up to date on the latest technology, news and developments in the mobile industry. We strive to deliver the latest technologies available in the major Android and iPhone devices that integrate with our MamaBear family safety promise. Lately we’ve had more than a few parents ask  Continue Reading »

5 iPhone GPS Tracking Solutions for Kids Provided by the MamaBear Family Tracking App

The MamaBear app makes iPhone GPS tracking an extremely powerful solution for modern parents who want a little help with child monitoring. MamaBear combines several key features into an iPhone app that’s both easy to use and easy to understand. MamaBear uses a combination of GPS technologies and iPhone features to give parents an effective  Continue Reading »

Give Your Children Larger Location Boundaries With A Top Notch Family Locator App for iPhone

The MamaBear App offers several benefits as a family locator for iPhone and other iOS powered Apple devices. The most popular MamaBear feature is, quite simply, locating family. The MamaBear family locator for iPhone allows families to locate each other quickly and efficiently. This can help both day-to-day parenting as well as during family outings  Continue Reading »

Should You Use a Parental Control App on your Child’s Iphone?

Do you really need a parental control app? We all do our best as parents and I believe we all try to encourage trust with our children among the people in our community and direct networks. The good news is, most of us probably can. Even though we trust our children to make the right  Continue Reading »

New Phones – Happy Kids – Anxious Parents

I’m sure you experienced pure delight on your child’s face when they unwrapped their new phone! Now it’s time to decide what parenting measures you need to protect them while they have a new, very powerful piece of technology. Many parents turn to monitoring apps, also known as parental control apps, as well as measures  Continue Reading »

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