With MamaBear…

Communicate and Organize. Create a private communication hub for your family and get reminders for games scheduled through TeamSnap.
Know where your kids are. See your kids on a map and get alerted when they arrive or leave places you set up on the map.
Know how your teen is driving. know and be alerted if they exceed a speed limit you set and see where they are on a map at all times.
Know what your kids are posting and tweeting. know all about their interactions on social media, photos they are posting on Instagram and activity on Twitter, with alerts to risky language or signs of bullying.

How it works

Parent App

Guardians install MamaBear on their smartphones and set up their family for safety monitoring.

Child App

Kids install and log in to MamaBear. They can check in with selfies and emoticons, send custom messages and can see their family on a map.


Guardians customize monitoring settings for location, social and driving. Kids get the freedom they need. Parents get the peace of mind they deserve.



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