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Top 5 Spring Break Family Safety Tips

It’s that time of year when some families take a break from the everyday by traveling somewhere warm for a week of family down time and fun. For other families, spring break may mean mom and dad work while the kids stay home. Regardless of whether you’re hitting the beach or sitting behind your desk,  Continue Reading »

Comparing Family Safety Apps: MamaBear and Find My Friends

Choosing the right family safety app isn’t easy. We’d like to help you by comparing the features of the MamaBear app with a few other apps out there for Android and iPhone. In our last comparison, we looked at Life 360. Now let’s check out the similarities and differences of MamaBear to Apple’s iPhone app  Continue Reading »

Sleepover Parties and Digital Device Use

Sleepover parties generate lasting memories for our kids and lasting bonds with their peers. Some of my greatest childhood memories were while staying at a friend’s house and now my two boys beg to sleepover with a friend or have a friend stay the night just about every weekend. Today, digital media and screen time  Continue Reading »

COPPA Rules Have Changed and MamaBear is Still 100% Compliant.

The first of July marked a good step forward with the effort to protect our kids online. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) had several new amendments come into effect on July 1, 2013. Rest assured the MamaBear App remains compliant with these new adjustments to COPPA with full parental consent upon account registration.  Continue Reading »

Have Worry-Free Summer Travel with Mobile Apps!

Summer is such a great time to spend time together as a family! There are so many options for new experiences and memories as we loosen up boundaries with our children. With today’s technology more parents are looking for a little helping hand to relieve some parental anxiety during the freedom of summer. Here are  Continue Reading »

MamaBear App’s Top Three Tips for Summer Safety

It’s Summertime! When most of us were kids there was no holding us back from summer fun and extra time for discovery and exploration. Even in a world that’s way more complex than ours was, every year summer still means more free time for millions of kids. Here are our top summer safety tips for and  Continue Reading »

MamaBear Family Safety App Featured on CFN13 News – Demo

The following video is a MamaBear app demo from CFN13 news in Orlando, Florida. Many parents wonder if they should adopt a family safety GPS tracker app or service. There are many benefits to using a Family Safety GPS Tracker like MamaBear, but we know parents can always use a little more justification. Visit our  Continue Reading »

Give Your Children Larger Location Boundaries With A Top Notch Family Locator App for iPhone

The MamaBear App offers several benefits as a family locator for iPhone and other iOS powered Apple devices. The most popular MamaBear feature is, quite simply, locating family. The MamaBear family locator for iPhone allows families to locate each other quickly and efficiently. This can help both day-to-day parenting as well as during family outings  Continue Reading »

Using New Technology to Contact Loved Ones in a Disaster or Emergency Situation

The sickening tragedy in Boston has made the MamaBear app team pause and reflect on how thankful we are to go home every day to our families. It also makes us consider how vital it is for us to know where our family members are when disaster strikes. Disasters and emergency situations can evolve rapidly.  Continue Reading »

The Benefits of a Family Locator App like MamaBear

A family locator app may sound pretty simple. It should be an easy to use app that uses global positioning satellites (GPS) and a smartphone to give parents up-to-date information about their child’s location. In actuality, the idea of instantaneous tracking of a child’s whereabouts is fairly complex; as is the wide range of options  Continue Reading »

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