Social Media Monitoring

Parents Can’t Afford To Ignore Their Kids’ Social Media

To those around him, Jaylen Ray Fryberg seemed like a normal high school freshman. He was well liked and happy, played on the football team and had recently been crowned Homecoming Prince. Around family, friends and classmates, Fryberg gave off the impression that he was a typical, upbeat teen. That’s why those who knew him  Continue Reading »

Social Media, Bullying and What You Can Do to Help

Statistics from show that nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online and another 70% have seen bullying online. But with only one out of ten victims reporting this type of abuse to an adult, cyberbullying isn’t always an easy problem for parents to identify. Parents must be proactive and prepared to protect their  Continue Reading »

Taking Responsibility for Kids and Sexting

As much as we don’t want to admit it, more and more kids are sexting. According to studies conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, The Pew Internet & American Life Project and the Cox Communications Teen Online & Wireless Safety Survey, 39 percent of all teens have sent sexually suggestive messages via  Continue Reading »

MamaBear Family Safety App Now Includes Twitter Monitoring

Parents with kids that use Twitter to follow celebrities and tweet to their friends (and strangers) now have a tool to help them know more about their kid’s activity on the popular social network. MamaBear Family Safety App’s new version 2.8 for iOS and 2.5 for Android  features a new update offering parents the ability  Continue Reading »

What is Twerking? What Parents Should Know about the Teen Twerking Craze

What is Twerking? It’s hard to avoid hearing references almost daily to Miley Cyrus and her recent turn from sweet little Hannah Montana to the twerking, tongue-wagging, pot-smoking-on-stage persona she has become. Of course, when a Disney sweetheart kid role model goes wild so publicly, many parents worry about the impact such a public image  Continue Reading »

Is Vine Safe for Kids?

The following post is a guest blog from Allie Cooper, a tech enthusiast who’s very passionate with her volunteer work; educating kids about responsible mobile device usage both locally and internationally. She also loves to cook and to travel. Despite her busy schedule, she updates herself with the recent parental control technologies. When Twitter released the Vine  Continue Reading »

Cyberbullying: Schools Monitoring Social Media

Why Spying is Not the Same as Monitoring There has been a good deal of media buzz lately surrounding new questions about social media monitoring in our nation’s schools. More and more K-12 schools are monitoring their students’ social media behavior as a way to curb rising rates of cyberbullying and the unfortunate tween and  Continue Reading »

How to be a Savvy Middle School Parent

A milestone transition in a child’s life involves going off from elementary to middle school. Those who have gone through this change with their children learn the experience can be a fun, positive time of growth for a whole family. But it also comes with anxiety, both for parents and their new middle schoolers. Most  Continue Reading »

Protecting Kids from Internet Stranger Danger

For decades, “stranger danger” has been a term parents of school-aged kids used to warn their children. Before the rise of the internet, stranger danger referred to the dangers associated with strangers physically preying on innocent victims enticing with candy, knocking on the door or approaching a wandering child at a grocery store. While stranger  Continue Reading »

Cyber Safety Tips for Kids – Preventing Cyberbullying and Inappropriate “Friends”

How to prevent – and stop — Cyberbullying In our last blog post, we discussed preparing for the new school year by taking certain safety precautions with your children’s internet use, whether on their smartphones, on home computers or even in the classroom. This week we’re going to continue that discussion by talking about cyberbullying.  Continue Reading »

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