Guest Post

Teenage safety tips on their first independent vacation

It’s hard enough when your child starts leaving the house without you – not to be filled with worry. But when your child is old enough to go on their first independent holiday, it can be difficult to avoid the temptation of frequently calling them up and checking that they’re OK. I mean, let’s face  Continue Reading »

A father’s perspective of using a child tracking app

I am a new father. With hawk like vision, I spend most of my days transfixed on my new son’s whereabouts, barely letting him break the unseen six foot boundary I have created in my own mind. This can’t last forever though, sooner or later, I will have to let go, and watch helplessly as  Continue Reading »

The ages at which children receive a mobile phone

With news that the number of mobile phones that exist in the world will exceed the current global population in 2013, it makes us wonder why mobile phones have made such a huge impact on our lives over the past ten years. I remember my very first phone- a hand me down from my mum,  Continue Reading »

Internet Protocol for Parents: Raising Your Kids in The Digital World

Once upon a time, parents were more concerned with skinned knees and bad grades than worrying that their children’s social security numbers might be commandeered by a middle-aged man named Keith in New Mexico. Oh, how the times have changed. With over two billion people using the Internet now (that’s more than a 500% increase  Continue Reading »

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