What is Twerking? What Parents Should Know about the Teen Twerking Craze

Miley Cyrus TwerkingWhat is Twerking?

It’s hard to avoid hearing references almost daily to Miley Cyrus and her recent turn from sweet little Hannah Montana to the twerking, tongue-wagging, pot-smoking-on-stage persona she has become. Of course, when a Disney sweetheart kid role model goes wild so publicly, many parents worry about the impact such a public image change can have on their kids.

In recent weeks, one of the top search phrases on Google was “What is Twerking.” The answer, according to Wikipedia: “Twerking is a type ofdancing in which an individual dances to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involvingthrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.”

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The Twerking Craze

The salacious twerking dance has caught fire in some circles and has even gotten itself banned at a few schools such as the school in Baltimore that asked students to sign a contract committing to not twerking.

As parents try to wrap their minds around how Billy Ray’s little girl has headed down this bizarre new path, some of our kids are trying to figure out how to twerk, memorizing every line to Miley’s songs, watching her every move.

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Know More

The MamaBear Family Safety App can be used to know if the word “twerking” is being used on your child’s social profiles. Parents can use the app to add “twerking” to restricted words on facebook and instagram and know when a new photo has been uploaded to their social media profiles

We certainly can’t shield our kids from everything, but sometimes being in the know helps enough to have a conversation . . . most likely about reputation management. So when our kids’ heroes go sour, let’s stay informed, stay calm and MamaBear on.

Image Credit: NY Daily News

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