Getting Started With MamaBear App

Thanks for using the MamaBear App.  We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started. Get in touch with us at with any questions.

mamabear-family-safety-app1. ADD YOUR FAMILY.

Add your children and any other guardians to your account in the settings area.

Your added family members can install MamaBear from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and we’ll also send them a text message invitation asking to join your family.


Once your added family members have installed MamaBear, they’ll simply need to log in using their phone number and the family password you created.

Share your password and give your kids a hand if they need help installing MamaBear on their phone.

You can resend the login link when you see that you’re child hasn’t logged in for the first time or if their map location is old. Go to your child’s profile settings page and tap “resend login link.”


Your child’s smartphone needs data connectivity with these appropriate device settings:

– Location services “on”
– Background refresh “on” (for iphones)
– Make sure wifi is “on.”  Even if not connected, having wifi on helps the device’s location services.
– The device also needs to be powered on to share updated location information.

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mamabear-app-monitor-social-media4. GET YOUR CHILD’S SOCIAL USERNAME AND PASSWORDS.

Connect your child’s Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YourTube and/or Facebook accounts in the settings area of MamaBear.

Once your connected:
– Customize a word list to monitor on all connected social accounts by tapping “restricted words.” Check out these acronyms you may want to add to the list.
– Notifications for new Instagram and Twitter followers are sent every few hours except during overnight hours.
– Notifications for Instagram photos liked and Tumblr blog posts liked are sent every few hours except during overnight hours.
– YouTube video viewing history notifications are associated only to the account monitored, from any device. Your child must be logged in to their YouTube when viewing videos for MamaBear to supervise.


If your child is using an Android device you can now review all of their incoming and outgoing text messages. Mom and Dad can use any phone, iPhone or Android. Go to your child’s profile settings and tap “text alerts”. Then tap “Turn On” in the top right hand corner. 


Add places like home or school in the settings area of each child to receive notification when they arrive or leave. Adjust the size of the boundary to fit the location in the safe place settings to prevent “bouncing” or inaccurate departures.


The default setting for driving speed notifications is 55 MPH.  You’ll receive notification if your child rides or drives over that limit once per hour.


Earn free premium subscription when you share MamaBear with your friends using the Bear2Bear referral program. Tap the top left menu and tap “share” to choose among text, email or social apps to share your custom referral link.  As soon as your friends register, they receive a free premium subscription period and so do you! Learn more about Bear2Bear.


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9 Replies to “Getting Started With MamaBear App”

  1. Hi my name is Sandra and I really want to get this app mommabear to keep taps on my teenager son but I really don’t understand how this works I feel stupided but I wish maybe someone could help or give better ways to under stand I hope u get what I am saying can u please help me Thank u

  2. Hi Sandra, Sure, I’d be happy to help. I see you found the right getting started blog with a step-by-step guide. Also, as you get going and have specific questions, please email us at support@localhost. We are very responsive there and will help you quickly. Share with us what kind of phone you have and we can help walk you through getting started.

  3. Sorry you are having trouble with the app. Can you please send an email with the phone number for your account to support@localhost? We will be able to help you there. Thanks.

  4. I agree. I’ve been trying all damn day to add my kid and all I get is a message that says “can’t add Cubs right now try later”. Vague messages like that are almost as bad as no messages. I’ve tried on data, connected to wifi both at work and home. Nothing. I’ve tried adding him from my contacts and creating him from scratch. Still nothing. Not a positive experience so far

  5. I am unable to see any text messages. He had an android (samsung 5). it shows me nothing. i have all of my children’s login information for their apps, so this part is kind of irrelevant. i do like that it alerts me when he comes and goes from home and school. but the biggest purpose was for the texts…and i can’t get them (yes, i have it turned on).

  6. I recently downloaded and paid for this app. I set my child’s driving speed to 50 mph. I have yet to be notified of when she drives over at that speed limit. The question is not if she does it is when she does. As well I have set safe addresses and I am not being notified of when she arrives or departs, which is checked in the app. If these services are not provided in my area, I’d like a full refund. If they are available, please help me figure out how to get them working.

    Thank you!

    Lori Flowerdew

  7. I have some safe places set for notifications, I used to get notified upon arrival and departure but now I dont receive any?? I’ve checked my child’s phone and all is correct. What happened??

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