Teen’s Online Behavior May Indicate Real-Life Problems

Newly published research shows that a teen's online behavior can reveal a lot about what they go through and experience in real-life.

Fox News reports that a study published in Pediatrics found correlations between a teen’s online behavior and their real-life experiences and problems.

The study focused on a variety of behaviors but looked closely at teen online relationships. Research showed that 41% of the surveyed teens experienced cyber dating abuse. Those who experienced cyber dating abuse were more likely to have been linked to physical abuse, sexual abuse, and sexual assault.

Research also showed that teens who frequently use social media were more likely to frequently evaluate their bodies and have self-esteem issues. This research is important as it highlights just how much online activities impact a teen’s thoughts and actions.

To read more about how to use social media to learn more about your child, read the full article, “Online life for teens may lead to real-life problems.”