MamaBear Acquires KidNotice to Expand Its Family Safety App to Include Sharing Features

Soon parents will be able to access an even larger resource of tools that enable families to protect and connect their families and communicate digitally more effectively.

MamaBear’s feature list is expanding and growing with the company’s recent acquisition of KidNotice.

Introducing KidNotice — “Notes for Caregivers About Your Child”

KidNotice is an iPhone application that enables parents to privately and securely share a child’s vital information with trusted caregivers, such as neighbors, parents of the child’s friends, summer camp officials, etc. Using the app, parents can share a child’s “in case of emergency” profile and other vital information like allergies, food preferences and more with other parents and family members, teachers, coaches, babysitters, and nannies.
That way, if an emergency occurs and a parent cannot be reached, the caregiver will be able to have the information on hand in order to respond intelligently and swiftly.

Because KidNotice is built to protect families, safety was a primary building block in the program. All data and information within the application is secure and backed up in a Dedicated-Virtual environment managed by Media Temple (the same company responsible for protecting big brands like Samsung, Toyota, Starbucks, and Adidas).

Apps Built for Parents By Parents

Like MamaBear, KidNotice is an app for parents built by parents.

The inspiration for KidNotice came when a group of parents realized that over a given week, their children were cared for by multiple adults. With different caregivers, it was difficult to be sure that each adult had the information needed to care for the child knowing all their preferences and needs, and in case of an emergency.

They created KidNotice to simplify the information sharing process and create a digital connection between each of a child’s caregivers.

Why the Acquisition Is Important

The KidNotice acquisition is the first since Suzanne Horton, a former venture capital executive at American Express, became MamaBear’s CEO and President.

“MamaBear continues to expand the capabilities of our platform as we seek to build the most comprehensive mobile application that meets the rapidly growing need for a private digital resource to help parents and families stay informed, connected and safe in a complex and, at times, dangerous digital environment,” Ms. Horton said.  “We have built and are continuing to enhance a valuable parenting tool that leverages the power of digital technology to help parents efficiently communicate with their children, extended families and other families, as well as better manage interactions, activities and shared information.

The acquisition shows MamaBear’s commitment to growing their feature list in order to provide a comprehensive family safety and security mobile app.

More than ever, parents need a tool that enables them to connect and protect in the complex and rapidly growing world of technology. MamaBear aims to be the leading tool by supporting:

  • Smartphone and Telecommunication Protection: In the U.S., more than 27 million kids have smartphones and that number is expected to grow to 39 million within the next two years. Our technology helps protect the growing population of young kids with their own internet-enabled smartphones.
  • Social Media Reputation Management: Seventy-two percent of teens have a social network profile of some kind. Fifty percent of those do not have privacy settings enables, allowing anyone on the Internet to see their personal data and photos.  With MamaBear, parents can monitor and connect with their children through their profiles to be sure they are using the platforms appropriately and responsibly.
  • Secure Communication: Data sharing is important and necessary for parents, so MamaBear provides tools to connect in a secure and private setting.
  • GPS-Enabled Connectivity: Parents can give their children more independence while keeping peace of mind by using MamaBear’s GPS-enabled tools that show the location of their children at any given time.
  • Cyberbullying Protection: It is estimated that there are one million cybercrimes and cyberbullying victims per day across the world. We send parents notifications that can help them identify and stop cyberbullying at its early stages.

With the acquisition of KidNotice, MamaBear will continue on its mission to be the all-in-one app for parents looking to more efficiently communicate, locate, organize, and protect their children.

See it for yourself. Get started with MamaBear, The Ultimate Parenting App™ today by downloading the free app for your iPhones and Androids device.

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MamaBear 4.0 Connects The Family

We recently released a new update to MamaBear in the Google Play and iTunes stores with a focus on connecting the family.
We recently released a new update to MamaBear in the Google Play and iTunes stores with a focus on connecting the family.  Prior to app version 4.0 the child’s view of the app was a separate interface with limited check in features. Our family empathy research and your feedback lead us to redesign the child view so all family members have a similar experience with a desire to find each other and share custom messages and images with their check ins.

Check out the new features of MamaBear 4.0:

A redesign for the kids in the family 

  • A news feed of their own compiles messages and check ins.
  • Kids can check in with a custom messages, a selfie or choose from a new set of emoticons.
  • Now with a map view, kids have a chance to see all family members’ location.

Optional guardian location sharing

  • Guardians in the family can turn location sharing on and off to be included on the family map view for all family members.
You may have also noticed, we’ve been adding digital parenting news and resources to your news feed to help keep you in the know. And that’s just the beginning.  Our mission to connect families is full steam ahead as we build on these features in upcoming releases. You’ll love what we have in store. Visit the Google Play and iTunes store to update or if you’re on auto-update, open the app and explore what’s new.

MamaBear Launches Free Guest Blogging Service

MamaBear Guest Blogger | MamaBear App

Are you a parent blogger and journalist with something to say about family safety and digital parenting? MamaBear wants you as a guest blogger! We’re looking for talented writers who can contribute articles relating to family safety, kids and internet use, social media and mobile device safety among tweens and teens.

MamaBear is a breakthrough family safety app experiencing tremendous growth. Our blog audience is growing and our website traffic is consistently increasing with optimized content holding a PageRank of 4 and a high trust value with Google and other search engines. Reach tens of thousands of MamaBear parents with your byline. The MamaBear blog is a great venue for relevant writers looking to gain exposure and share information with a motivated audience.

The MamaBear website receives extensive media exposure and has been featured on outlets such as ABC News, CNBC, Marie Osmond Show, Buzzfeed, Forbes, etc. Guest bloggers who contribute to the blog will expose their writing not just to an engaged target audience of parents concerned about family safety but also with national media, including other writers and editors at major publications.

All guest posts on MamaBear receive:

  • Author byline and short bio

  • A link back to your website

  • Search optimization of content

  • Promotion on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page

We’re on a mission to share relevant information with families empowering them to connect and protect each other using technology.

For more information about how to become a MamaBear Guest blogger, see our Guest Blogger Guidelines page here: Become a Guest Blogger for MamaBear!

MamaBear Releases App Version 3.0

Coming Monday - MamaBear 3.0 Puts Your Family News First | MamaBear App

As rapidly as technology evolves, a good app needs to develop proactively. That’s why the team at MamaBear Family Safety App is constantly working to stay on top of new trends and incorporate customer feedback in order to make improvements to the app.

The fruit of our labor is evident in the  third version of our evolution. MamaBear 3.0 puts your family news front and center, allowing you to get in the know and save time with filtered social media content, location and driving information in the most important news feed of your day.

The All New MamaBear Version 3.0 Features:

  • A redesigned news feed that is easier to scroll through, with in-line previews of Instagram photos and added details about Twitter and Instagram followers;
  • A seven-day location history view that can be easily tapped through; and
  • Ad-sponsored content to keep MamaBear free for all.

Update Now to Enjoy MamaBear’s New Features

To update the app, visit the App Store on your iOS devices or Google Play on your Android devices.  You can experience MamaBear at its best with the latest version of our app and the most recent OS version for your device. Remember to update the app on your children’s phones for optimal use of the new features.

Help Us Make MamaBear Even Stronger

We’re motivated to progress  MamaBear with the invaluable feedback of our MamaBear families. We welcome the suggestions of our users so that we can continually work to improve the app, providing parents with ever-better ways to connect and protect their children as they use their mobile devices.

Your feedback is important to us. Stay in touch and let us know what you think of MamaBear 3.0.  Email info@localhost with your questions, comments and ideas.