Save time. Get in the know.

Parenting in the digital age now includes protecting our children’s reputations and teaching them proper behavior in the social space. Let MamaBear save you time from always checking out their social profiles and put knowledge in the palm of your hands as social activity happens. Get those needed safety conversations started with your children by being in the know with their lives.

With MamaBear social monitoring, there’s no need to install MamaBear on your child’s phone as long as you have their social log in and passwords. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter monitoring are available for parents using an iPhone or Android.

  • MamaBear Location Services
  • MamaBear Location Services
  • MamaBear Location Services

Social Media Monitoring

Receive notifications when:

  • Inappropriate, bullying language or any other restricted words you set are used on your child’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page
  • A photo is uploaded to Instagram with real-time preview in your MamaBear feed
  • Your child follows someone new, or someone new follows them on Twitter
  • Your child is tagged or @mentioned in a message, or checks in at a location on Facebook

Other social monitoring coming soon!

Other MamaBear Features

  • MamaBear Social Media Monitoring
  • MamaBear Location Services
  • Grom Social Kids Monitoring
  • MamaBear Speeding Services