Grom App Monitoring

Do you have kids under 13 who want to join social media? Grom Social has the app and the monitoring solution for your family. Children can sign up FREE for our safe social network app for kids, while parents can download the MamaBear app and start monitoring their activity for free.

Grom Social Kids Monitoring

Grom Social Kids Monitoring

Monitor Your Grom’s

Once your child signs up for the Grom App and submits your email, you will receive their account information to access their Grom Social account. Simply enter these credentials in your child’s profile on your Mamabear app to see all of your child’s video posts, comments and follows on the Grom app in your MamaBear feed.

Coming Soon!
More features for Grom App Monitoring:
• Notifications for your child’s activity
• Direct Messaging management for your child.
• Parental controls for comments received or made.
• Oversight for making public posts within the app

PLEASE NOTE: In order to monitor your child’s activity on Grom Social only the parent/guardian will need to download the MamaBear app, create a child profile and register the Grom account.  The child does not need to download the MamaBear App.