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Protecting your kids just got easier.

Why doesn’t my child’s location update?

A location refresh issue originates on the child’s device. If your child’s phone is off, loses connectivity, or if the app is swiped/closed out of memory we can’t deliver a new location to your app view of MamaBear.
Please be sure your child does not swipe MamaBear out of memory.

Also check these settings on your child’s phone:
 - Location services is “on”
 - Background refresh is “on”
 - Wifi is “on”

 Did iOS 7 change how MamaBear works?

If your child has updated their iPhone to iOS 7 please review these settings on their phone:
1. Be sure Location Services is on by reviewing Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
2. Be sure background app refresh is on for MamaBear from Settings > General > Background App refresh.
3. If your child is auto-updating apps, be sure they are logged in to MamaBear after an update.

Will MamaBear drain my battery?

The app on the parent’s device will not impact battery life. The app on the child’s device will use more battery resources to collect location information. MamaBear “sleeps” while your child’s phone is stopped and “wakes” back up when your child’s phone is on the move. While all apps running location services impact battery life, we’ve tested MamaBear against other popular apps, and ours proves to be very efficient.

Does the app always need to be running?

The app needs to remain on your child’s powered on phone and always logged-in. If the app is deleted from their device, closed out of memory or the phone is off, you will not be able to receive location information. Here’s a quick how-to video to password restrict deleting apps on your child’s iphone: https://vimeo.com/49044625

What kind of phone do I need?

Your child will need a data connected iOS or Android smartphone with gps for location and driving monitoring. Parents can monitor from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. We support iOS 6 or higher and Android OS 2.2 or higher.

Do I need my child’s social log-in?

Yes. You will need your child’s login username and password for monitoring. MamaBear currently monitors Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your child doesn’t need to install MamaBear app on their phone if you only want to monitor social.

LET US KNOW if you still have questions, we’ll gladly answer them right away.

Protecting your kids just got easier. Google Play iTunes