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Location Notification Change FAQ

A change was made to the Safe Place notification on screen message due to the fact that MamaBear is now able to offer more detailed and accurate information about the location and movement of your child.  This detailed information resides in your personal newsfeed. Apple and Android made changes recently that affected how a phone can retrieve locations.  To protect against the possible loss of Safe Place notifications due to reduced connectivity issues that may occur with your child’s phone in certain areas or at particular times, we thought it was best to augment the notification system for Safe Places.  The change allows multiple Safe Place notifications to be put in a queue for delivery if a device is in an area of reduced or no network connectivity. As soon as the device has regained connectivity, the queued messages will be sent to our servers for processing. The information may now include multiple news feed items and protects against losing any Safe Place items in your feed due to service provider or carrier connectivity issues. Since there may now be multiple items that have been saved over time, the on screen notification makes you aware that this information is now available in your personal newsfeed. Simply tap the MamaBear notification to open the app and see your newsfeed. One or more safe place  notifications will display in your newsfeed and if there were any items that had been saved in the queue you will see them. In the past, a loss of connectivity could have meant that certain Safe Place notifications would be not sent at all. This change offers a more accurate and detailed picture of the Safe Place notifications for your child.

Did iOS 8 change how MamaBear works?

In testing iOS 8 on iPhone 4s, the MamaBear team experienced network connectivity issues that would cause some location updates and alerts to be delayed or lost. iOS 8.0.2 seems to have addressed these issues, so please ensure that your child’s phone is running the latest version of iOS.  In addition to staying current with iOS 8, please review these settings on their phone:
1. Be sure Location Services is on by reviewing Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
2. Be sure background app refresh is on for MamaBear from Settings > General > Background App refresh.
3. If your child is auto-updating apps, be sure they are logged in to MamaBear after an update.
4. Ask your child to not “swipe” MamaBear out of memory. MamaBear will still work when out of memory, but will not update as often.

Why doesn’t my child’s location update?

A location update originates from the MamaBear app running on the child’s device. MamaBear relies on Android and iOS to “wake up” the app to report a location.
Here are some things to check to make sure MamaBear is woken up as frequently as possible:
- MamaBear is not swiped out of memory on the child’s phone.
– Safe Places are set up for important locations.
- Location services is “on”
- Background refresh is “on”
- Wifi is always kept “on”

I’m not receiving push notifications

Upon installing MamaBear, you received a prompt asking if you’d like to allow push notifications.  If you said no, here are the instructions to reenable push notifications for MamaBear on iOS devices.
1. Go in to settings/Notification Center and touch on MamaBear.
2. In “Alert Style” touch on “Banners” (middle).  Switch on Sounds.
3. Log Out of MamaBear App (via the menu) and log back in. 

Will MamaBear drain my battery?

The app on the parent’s device will not impact battery life. The app on the child’s device will use more battery resources to collect location information. MamaBear “sleeps” while your child’s phone is stopped and “wakes” back up when your child’s phone is on the move. While all apps running location services impact battery life, we’ve tested MamaBear against other popular apps, and ours proves to be very efficient.

Does the app always need to be running?

The app needs to remain on your child’s powered on phone and always logged-in. If the app is deleted from their device, closed out of memory or the phone is off, you will not be able to receive location information. Here’s a quick how-to video to password restrict deleting apps on your child’s iphone: https://vimeo.com/49044625

What kind of phone do I need?

Your child will need a data connected iOS or Android smartphone with gps for location and driving monitoring. Parents can monitor from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. We support iOS 7 or higher and Android OS 2.3 or higher.

Do I need my child’s social log-in?

Yes. You will need your child’s login username and password for monitoring. MamaBear currently monitors Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your child doesn’t need to install MamaBear app on their phone if you only want to monitor social.

LET US KNOW if you still have questions, we’ll gladly answer them right away.

Protecting and Parenting your Kids just got easier. Google Play iTunes