Michelle MagoffinMICHELLE MAGOFFIN is passionate about technology and fascinated by the way people integrate it into the functions of their daily lives. She has 15 years of digital marketing experience, in the retail, real estate, automotive, and financial services industries. Her expertise in web product management, mobile app development, and social media marketing. has served her well at companies like Edmunds.com, Move.com, Farmers Insurance, and technology and ecommerce startups including her own mobile app development company.

At Edmunds.com, Michelle led the full-scale redesign of InsideLine.com, a site with over 5MM unique users and 50MM page views monthly, managing a $1MM budget and a team of nearly 30 people. The site saw a revenue increase of 30% and won a 2010 Hive Award for design. Before she left Edmunds, Michelle created a social media strategy across all three web properties that, in the first 18 months, increased Facebook fans from 3,500 to 96,000, and Twitter followers from 8,000 to 32,000. Within two months of creating the Google+ profile, over 100,000 people had circled it. The YouTube channel had 81,000 subscribers and 208 million video views.

More recently, at Farmers Insurance, Michelle led the online content strategy for the organization, managing a $3.5MM budget and a team of seven. During her tenure, the enrollment in the agent social media program increased from 30% of the agent force to 65%, and content ouput doubled, as did the size of all key audiences for the corporate social media profiles.

Michelle is currently the Vice President of Product for MamaBear App, where she drives innovation and growth. You can find Michelle, and links to all of her social sites, at about.me/michellem.

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