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  1. Why won’t any of my photos work for the profile pictures? It keeps saying that editing is not supported and there is a problem with cropping the photo.

  2. When will I be able to monitor my child’s text messages on her iPhone? I just paid for a 6 month subscription thinking I would be able to do that and it says you can only do it if your child has an Android. WHY??

  3. The map is not updating. Although I am receiving notifications of my child’s movement, the map is not updating. It has shown her in the same location for over 48 hours even when she has arrived at other safe places. Neither my husband nor myself have moved location on the map either

  4. Why doesn’t the app allow photos to be updated or added?

    I was under the impression as advertised that I would see my daughters text messages. If that is not the case you probably shouldn’t advertise it.

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