Guest blogging for MamaBear can increase your exposure among a wide audience of parents and media.  Review our guest guidelines and email us a list of article topics related to family digital safety you’re interested in exploring.

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Guest Blogging Requirements for the MamaBear Blog

  • Choose the right topics. We’re looking for articles related to internet safety, social media trends among youth, mobile device safety, digital citizenship and advice on safety conversations for parents to have with tweens and teens. Please review these former guest blog posts for ideas: http://localhost:8888/category/guest-post/. We’re especially interested in fresh takes on the most popular social media apps among young people and reviews of the safety of the newest social apps to hit the market. Try to choose topics that are fresh and relevant avoiding topics that have been republished multiple times.
  • All articles should be under 700 words long.
  • Take a personal and conversational tone. Invite readers into a lively conversation between parents concerned with the digital safety of kids online and on their mobile devices. A high level of warmth and authenticity of your writing is a criteria for acceptance and receive higher engagement among our readers.
  • Take a stance, share your opinions in a strong, clear voice, but try to remain balanced. We understand and share parents’ concerns while maintaining a mission to have clear and open communication among the family. We believe kids should be accountable and parents should stay in the know. We advocate expanding children’s sense of freedom and happiness as they explore the digital world safely.
  • Create a catchy title for your blog post with relevant key words. Break up the text with photos, add hyperlinks to other relevant articles and add subheads to your post to break up monotonous text.
  • It goes without saying that all MamaBear guest blogs should be 100 percent unique; please don’t cut and paste other authors’ writing. It’s fine to quote other authors and include hyperlinks to any sourced material and attribute all quotes.

How to Submit:

Please email your completed article along with –

  • Your byline info
  • Your author Twitter handle
  • A link to your personal blog or website
  • A short author bio

All guest posts submitted to the MamaBear blog will go through an editorial process for approval and grammatical and mechanical edit. We do our best to maintain the voice of each author but reserve the right to make minor editorial changes for style and clarity.

Note: while we encourage all guest bloggers to share links to their articles on the MamaBear blog, we ask that you do not reprint the material written for the MamaBear blog.

Fill out the form below to request a guest post submission on the MamaBear blog:

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