The leading cause of death among American teenagers is car crashes, which is why MamaBear is on a mission to make driving safer for teens.

As part of that mission, MamaBear has recently partnered with RoadPoints, a new mobile app that challenges teens to drive safely while providing parents with tools to encourage their kids to be safe on the road.

What Is RoadPoints?

RoadPoints is a new mobile app for teen drivers to install and their parents to sponsor and use an online dashboard to incentivize good driving.

Pay your kids to drive safe with RoadPoints

The teen’s version of the app collects data as the teen drives. It tracks speed, location, and harsh starts and stops and uses the data to create a Driver’s Report Card. The Driver’s Report Card is then shared with parents through email.

The parent’s web dashboard and email gives a full report on the teen’s driving habits. Parents can check their teen’s overall driving score as well as see where they were when an infraction happened.  Based on the data and the type of good driving they’d like to see, parents  reward their teen for practicing safe driving habits with a deposit right to their PayPal account.

The RoadPoints app is an effective way to encourage safe driving in teens because it acts as a gamification and reward system.

Teens want to improve their driving score by driving more safely for quick and easy payment. Parents set up the app to give monetary rewards to teens when they achieve and maintain a high level of driving safety.

Why Is RoadPoints So Important?

New teen driver

If you have a teen on the road or are just about to pass the keys over to a new driver, you must equip them with the knowledge and support they need to be safe on the road.

You need to review common driving mistakes, set driving rules, and discuss the most common driving distractions.

And, you need to give them tools to follow this plan. RoadPoints allows you to do this. With recent release, they are offering in-car beacons to prohibit using the phone while driving.

It Promotes Safety — Each year, around 2,500 teens die in car accidents. Poor driving habits and distractions are common causes of these accidents. RoadPoints helps your teen see their driving mistakes and receive an incentive for correcting them, encouraging them to be better drivers.

It Encourages Teens to Slow Down — Speeding causes 40% of fatal car accidents. RoadPoints includes speed limit monitoring that tracks your teen’s speeding and notifies you (and them) when they speed, allowing you both to address unsafe driving speeds.

It Keeps Your Auto Insurance Rates Low — Proper driving habits keep your teen safe and also help keep your car insurance rates low. Helping your teen keep a clean driving records (which is also free from speeding tickets) will help you receive the best car insurance rates.

So, join us in the mission to make driving safer for teens by trying RoadPoints.

How to Sign Up for RoadPoint’s Free Beta Group

RoadPoints is currently accepting parent and teen users for their beta group. Participants will get three months of free access to RoadPoint, get to be a part of the pre-released versions, and be able to provide valuable feedback that will help shape the future of RoadPoints.

To sign up, visit