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Teen’s Online Behavior May Indicate Real-Life Problems

Fox News reports that a study published in Pediatrics found correlations between a teen’s online behavior and their real-life experiences and problems. The study focused on a variety of behaviors but looked closely at teen online relationships. Research showed that 41% of the surveyed teens experienced cyber dating abuse. Those who experienced cyber dating abuse were more likely to  Continue Reading »

Facebook Will Share Amber Alerts To Bring Kids Home Faster

Facebook is using their audience of over 185 million users in the United States for some good. An article by Huffington Post reports that Facebook will begin to show Amber Alerts in the news feeds of users who live in areas where a possible abduction may have occurred. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Facebook launched the initiative  Continue Reading »

Children and Television: Can TV Affect Your Child’s Behavior?

Uplifting Families recently published an article that looks at how much televised media our kids consume and how that media consumption may affect their behaviors. The article “Your Kids, The Media and the Uncomfortable Stuff” explains that even family-friendly shows often include scenarios and plot lines that involve teenage drinking, drug use, and sex. In modern televised media, it  Continue Reading »

Best Apps for Moms in 2015

Make it a more enjoyable, organized, and productive year with these top apps for moms. 1.WebMD If parents had it their way, a real doctor would be living in their house to answer their questions about bumps, bruises, and ailments. WebMD is the doctor in your pocket. The health app has an easy to use  Continue Reading »

MamaBear’s Most Popular Posts in 2014

2014 was the biggest year yet for kids and parents experiencing life in the digital world. To help parents navigate their families across all the challenges, MamaBear published dozens of articles for parents looking for online safety tips, teenage social media trends, and advice about digital parenting. Among all the great content, following are the  Continue Reading »

Cracking The Code on Internet Slang: 20 Acronyms Every Parent Needs to Know

With texting, email, social media and smartphones, teens have endless options for communicating. As parents, it is our responsibility to monitor for safety. But it’s not always easy to stay in the loop when we can’t decipher what our kids are saying with slang and acronyms. Teens frequently use internet slang and acronyms in their  Continue Reading »

Tips For Giving Your Child Their First Smartphone For the Holidays

Smartphones are a gift that many kids have on their wishlist, and a gift that many parents are reluctant to give. Concerns about privacy and safety make many parents hesitate before handing over such a big responsibility. But with the right approach and planning, giving a cell phone to your child can be a gift  Continue Reading »

Tween Gift Guide 2014: Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens

When your child becomes a tween, holiday shopping isn’t as easy as browsing through the toy aisle. The gray area between a kid and a teenager makes it hard to find gifts that match your child’s maturity and holiday gift list. Because you may need to get a little creative when shopping for this age,  Continue Reading »

Parents Can’t Afford To Ignore Their Kids’ Social Media

To those around him, Jaylen Ray Fryberg seemed like a normal high school freshman. He was well liked and happy, played on the football team and had recently been crowned Homecoming Prince. Around family, friends and classmates, Fryberg gave off the impression that he was a typical, upbeat teen. That’s why those who knew him  Continue Reading »

What #AlexFromTarget Can Teach Your Kids

A few weeks ago Alex Lee was a normal, 16-year-old high school student working at Target. He was an average social media user and had 144 Twitter followers. But with one unsolicited photo and a catchy hashtag, Alex is now “internet famous.” He has over 70,000 Twitter followers, appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show, and  Continue Reading »

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