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Explaining the Consequences of Sexting to Your Kids

Many parents would probably say they don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to their teen and sexting, the exchange of sexually explicit messages and photos via SMS, or texting. But most of those parents would be wrong. According to a report by Drexel University, more than 50% of surveyed students said that  Continue Reading »

The Hurtful Side of Social Media: Horrific Threats Via Instagram for One Teen

The students of Lone Hill Middle School are having to face the cruel, unsettling and for most, unexpected side of social media. Their classmate, an unidentified girl, received startling and horrific death threats via Instagram. While police and school officials are doing everything possible to find the person behind these anonymous threats, parents are left  Continue Reading »

Why Parents Need to Monitor Kids’ Social Media Accounts

Retired baseball player Curt Schilling may have thought twice about sending a tweet to his daughter congratulating her on her acceptance to college if he would have known where it would lead them. Schilling was so disturbed by the outcome of that tweet that he shared the experience in a blog post, “The world we  Continue Reading »

Safety Ideas For Both Free Range Parents, Helicopter Parents and Those In Between

Free range parenting is back in the news as the results of a case involving Silver Spring, Maryland parents, who were charged with child neglect after allowing their children, 6 and 10, to walk home by themselves, were announced. What Is Free Range Parenting? Free range parenting is a movement and parenting philosophy in which  Continue Reading »

Building a Safer Twitter with Improved Tools to Report Cyberbullying

Twitter is fighting against cyberbullying by upping their game when it comes to user protection.  The social media platform recently made changes to make it easier to report cyberbullying, harassment, and spamming. Changes to Twitter Reporting and Blocking Features Twitter has decreased the amount of information needed to report a user and made the process  Continue Reading »

Pup Rescue: Stranded Sea Lion Pups On the Rise Along the Southern California Coast

For the second time in as many weeks MamaBear CEO, Suzanne Horton, came to the rescue of a sea lion pup stranded on the beach in Southern California. With the help of the California Wildlife Center, a mostly volunteer organization that helps rescue and rehabilitate all kinds of wildlife across the area, this little sea  Continue Reading »

Pup Rescued: Want to Help Save Starving Sea Lion Pups?

MamaBear CEO, Suzanne Horton, came to the rescue of a sea lion pup stranded on the beach yesterday while on her early morning walk. There have been a higher than normal number of the typically malnourished pups coming ashore this year for reasons that wildlife experts are not clear on. The MamaBear executive helped rescue  Continue Reading »

Gaming Tips to Keep Kids Safe Online

Gaming has evolved from a single-player, one console experience to an interconnected network of millions of players and thousands of downloadable games. With such a broad reach and level of connectivity, online gaming is something that parents need to understand and regulate in order to keep their children playing safely. Know the Platforms Parents should  Continue Reading »

Georgia Court Says Parents Can Be Liable For Kids Facebook Posts

Parents are more responsible for their child’s social media activity than they may think. A recent story on recounts a Georgia lawsuit in which two parents were sued because of what their child did on social media. Their son was caught cyberbullying and suspended from school after he created a malicious, fake Facebook profile that depicted another student with distorted  Continue Reading »

Teen’s Online Behavior May Indicate Real-Life Problems

Fox News reports that a study published in Pediatrics found correlations between a teen’s online behavior and their real-life experiences and problems. The study focused on a variety of behaviors but looked closely at teen online relationships. Research showed that 41% of the surveyed teens experienced cyber dating abuse. Those who experienced cyber dating abuse were more likely to  Continue Reading »

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