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5 iPhone GPS Tracking Solutions for Kids Provided by the MamaBear Family Tracking App

The MamaBear app makes iPhone GPS tracking an extremely powerful solution for modern parents who want a little help with child monitoring. MamaBear combines several key features into an iPhone app that’s both easy to use and easy to understand. MamaBear uses a combination of GPS technologies and iPhone features to give parents an effective  Continue Reading »

A father’s perspective of using a child tracking app

I am a new father. With hawk like vision, I spend most of my days transfixed on my new son’s whereabouts, barely letting him break the unseen six foot boundary I have created in my own mind. This can’t last forever though, sooner or later, I will have to let go, and watch helplessly as  Continue Reading »

5 Benefits of Using MamaBear to Monitor Teen Driving

We love it when we receive appreciation for providing a simple solution that allows parents to monitor teen habits and patterns. Teen driving is just one of many reasons parents consider device monitoring. We’ve compiled some of the top reasons families use the MamaBear app. In particular, here’s a short list of the benefits MamaBear  Continue Reading »

Give Your Children Larger Location Boundaries With A Top Notch Family Locator App for iPhone

The MamaBear App offers several benefits as a family locator for iPhone and other iOS powered Apple devices. The most popular MamaBear feature is, quite simply, locating family. The MamaBear family locator for iPhone allows families to locate each other quickly and efficiently. This can help both day-to-day parenting as well as during family outings  Continue Reading »

The MamaBear Family Monitoring App Can Help With Parental Anxiety About Teen Driving

It’s totally normal for parents to dread certain phases of their children’s development. It’s only normal that we fear letting our young ones out into the world and as they grow that anxiety can grow with the freedom our kids experience. A difficult and common one of these anxieties are when we first let our  Continue Reading »

So You’re Searching For a Kid Tracker – Where Should You Look?

When you’re looking for an option for kid tracker technology, it can often mean that you’re moving beyond what you feel is your normal range of monitoring. This can be because you’re giving your kid some added responsibility, like driving or an extended curfew. It can also mean that you’re worried about where your child  Continue Reading »

The Benefits of a Family Locator App like MamaBear

A family locator app may sound pretty simple. It should be an easy to use app that uses global positioning satellites (GPS) and a smartphone to give parents up-to-date information about their child’s location. In actuality, the idea of instantaneous tracking of a child’s whereabouts is fairly complex; as is the wide range of options  Continue Reading »

Looking for an App to Help With Tracking Kids? Here Are a Few Options!

Global positioning satellite (GPS) technology is making smartphone based monitoring an exciting new option for many parents. There are dozens of apps and options that can be used for parents to track kids. With the explosion of smartphone usage, multiple tracking and parenting apps are being released frequently. Here are a few apps for tracking  Continue Reading »

The Best Apps for Parents in 2013

The start of 2013 offers a wealth of apps for parents to help with day to day life. There are so many apps available for Android and iOS devices that just searching for the best in each category can be very time consuming for a busy parent. Here are a few apps that our MamaBear  Continue Reading »

Android Parental Control – What are your options?

The invention of smartphones and social media combined with younger children now having cell phones has led to new needs and new possibilities in parenting.  With the added responsibility and dangers associated with smartphone ownership, it’s no surprise that parents quickly turn to child monitoring and parental control apps. There are several parental control apps  Continue Reading »

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