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Using Apps to Keep Track of Your Kids this Halloween

Every kid wants to enjoy the fun of going house-to-house with friends in the dark trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Many of us parents remember the sheer joy of running through the neighborhood in the dark with friends collecting ungodly amounts of candy. Back then, our parents sent us out the door and let us go.  Continue Reading »

Helping You Get Started with MamaBear 2.0

You spoke and we listened. A new-and-improved version of the MamaBear Family Safety App inspired by suggestions from our users is now available. MamaBear 2.0 features a number of enhancements that will be of interest to both children and parents: Parents will love the larger map view with one-tap access to all information and more  Continue Reading »

How to be a Savvy Middle School Parent

A milestone transition in a child’s life involves going off from elementary to middle school. Those who have gone through this change with their children learn the experience can be a fun, positive time of growth for a whole family. But it also comes with anxiety, both for parents and their new middle schoolers. Most  Continue Reading »

Back to School Safety Tips – Staying Safe Online at Home, at School and Everywhere

A new school year is full of excitement and opportunities for children. New activities and new friendships are forged while a whole new learning adventure begins. Along with the excitement and novelty of a new school year, children with smart phones, tablets and classroom computers can be exposed to threats from online predators and bullies  Continue Reading »

COPPA Rules Have Changed and MamaBear is Still 100% Compliant.

The first of July marked a good step forward with the effort to protect our kids online. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) had several new amendments come into effect on July 1, 2013. Rest assured the MamaBear App remains compliant with these new adjustments to COPPA with full parental consent upon account registration.  Continue Reading »

When Parents Monitor Kids’ Instagram: Too Far, or a Modern Necessity?

We talk about Instagram quite a bit. The photo and now video sharing app is extremely popular and regularly controversial among parental discussions. Even though it’s known as a photo sharing app, the social media platform exemplifies the debate on children’s privacy and need for monitoring services. It’s a safe bet that the new introduction  Continue Reading »

The MamaBear Worry Free Parenting App Can Make Checking In Way Easier for Kids

I used to get into so much trouble for not calling my mom when I got to my friends house or to my intended destination when I was kid and given freedom to walk or drive somewhere by myself or with others. It really was the top reason for being grounded when I was younger.  Continue Reading »

How Can You Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Page Easily and Effectively?

It’s time consuming to monitor a child’s Facebook activity! If kids are spending 50 hrs a week on social media, parents are easily overwhelmed thumbing through the daily LOLs and happy birthdays just to get to the important stuff on their child’s Facebook page. As most social activity happens from their mobile device, it’s recommended  Continue Reading »

Is Instagram Safe For Kids?

We get a lot of questions about Instagram. “Is Instagram safe for kids?” “How old should my kid be before they use Instagram?” “How do I make sure my kids are safe on Instagram?” There’s a lot to think about with Instagram, but MamaBear has advice and information to help parents sort it all out.  Continue Reading »

Safeguarding Children: Knowledge for Parental Control and Reassurance

Our children are growing up surrounded by technology, with smartphones, online gaming, texting, and social media available at every turn. Intended to make communication and everyday life easier, the modern technology that is now available offers fantastic opportunities, but with these opportunities come risks. Smartphones, social networking, and the wider Internet have, especially in recent  Continue Reading »

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